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when everything is coming down

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August 10th, 2006

10:28 pm - The Places I've Been
Ugh. Tomorrow is the LAST DAY OF BAND CAMP. And I couldn't be happier! I am so sick of seeing six thirty on my watch in the morning. But I'm much more sick of actually having a reason to be up at that unholy hour.

But, anyways, a lot of people are quitting band this year. Mack quit (-sobs inwardly-) because of football, as did Hunter. Mack told us that Jacob Bennett was trying out for football--LMAO--and that he would like to crush him during practice. Not recently, but last week sometime. I miss the wonderful Mack-Scent he left wherever he walked...I'm very ill...

I got burned today, on a motorcycle pipe! I accidentally hit my leg against it, and it was like, "SSSSSS!". Then I jerked it off, and was all jumping around, and being in pain. The ride home was torture, because the constant jiggling of my leg was a source of constant pain. And now there's this ugly gray mark on my leg..it's about the size of this country. OMFG...I didn't mean to even type those last two words! I meant to type, "..it's about the size of a quarter. But I'll leave it like it is, because I am a drama queen like that. Even though I'm totally not a drama queen. Anyone who knows me would agree. ;D

So besides all that, we went to Lowe's today to look at countertops and fixtures and drawers pulls and ceiling fans and stuff like that for my new house. And I got to go in for the first time! It's so big! I LOVE IT! And I especially love my room, even though I haven't officially decided which one is mine yet...they're both the same size and all, but I don't know which one I want. Mom doesn't care which one she gets, but I do. So, I'm trying to make the best decision. The one in the front of the house has three windows, but a crappy view of our neightbor's ugly ass backyard. I hate it when people have shit in their backyards. It makes the whole neighborhood look crappy. And I learned today that the builidng company is planning on putting up a subdivision right behind our house. They cleared off all these trees and stuff...it made me kind of sad. But I wish I knew which room to pick. Either way, I'm stuck in a room beside my mom, so I'm screwed regardless. But anyways.

That's about all that's happened with me recently...chyeah. Cause I'm cool like that, my peeps.

Lauren out.

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August 2nd, 2006

07:49 pm - better off alone
Okay, so, right. Today was only a little better than yesterday, but I'm pretty sure that it was hotter...>:O
So, yeah. Uhm. We got our music today...and I have to learn to play with three mallets (!!!!!) now. It is so hard, and super painful. And Drill Sergeant Brown dictated that the punishment for losing/forgetting your music/coordinates was: three laps (GASP!), thirty pushups (CRY!), & twenty crunches (SOB!)! It's insane! And I have to play it on the stupid vibes. I hate the vibes--a lot. But whatever. I loathe this girl that's in my section now a lot more! I can't wait to murder her in cold blood.

And that pretty much chronicles the day, except for during percussion rehearsal where I said I hated the vibes...and Ms. G heard me and she's like, "What? What did you say?" I was like, "Nothing! I LOOOVE the vibes! It's one of the best, high-quality instruments out there. And I'm a high-quality type person." And then Trey goes, "Ha!". And I'm like, "Shut up."
It was a pretty funny exchange. So, overall, today was all right.

Peace out, my homie G-izzle dawg skillets!

P.S. Sorry I keep writing about band camp, but that's the only thing happening to me these days! However, in other news, I got my contacts in last night! I was so super happy. I could wear them out, but something is wrong with the right one...go figure. But, the point is, I GOT THEM IN! YEAHHHHHH! GO ME! I ROCK! I'M DA BEST! OH YEAH!

P.P.S It's amazing how some people can smell so good, and yet others can smell like sizzling roadkill. Take Mack G. and Keshawn J. for example--Mack smells so good, even when it's a million degrees outside, and he's been sweating all day. But Keshawn smells like shit all the time...no exceptions. It's really strange and amazing. I SWEAR. Mack ALWAYS SMELLS SO FREAKIN' AWESOME! It never ceases to amaze me. And, as a bonus, Brittnee made Adam Campbell talk for me!!! YAY! Do the wonders never cease?!?!!?!?
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August 1st, 2006

06:16 pm - too good to be true
So, today was the first day of band camp. Naturally, it was a bittersweet reunion. I was glad to be going back to see all of my old friends, but I wasn't looking forward to the drills and all that. Some people asked where Ty was, and I was just like, "She quit."
And then, later, I was standing right near Adam Campbell! And he SAID SOMETHING! I was totally happy. 'Cause I'm a freak like that!!

But anyways. Like the subject line notes, the day was just too good to be true. I made a stupid decision in the morning--having milk and cream cheese toaster strudels for breakfast--and paid for it later on. In case you want to know, I tossed my cookies in the middle of the day. I went to the bathroom, of course (I do have some decency) and got sick there. After it all, I just drank some water and chilled in the tower.

But, better things were to come! I hung with Megan Glass, Carrie T., John C., and a few others...during our first drumline/pit rehearsal, I wasn't playing too well at first. Treyquan actually laughed at me. The jerk. But he was having fun today, and it made me happy to see that he wasn't a mute. I got pushups, but whatever. Today was pretty good.
Gotta ♥ the band!
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